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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

{holiday windows & frames}

Okay, so you all know how much I love windows.  My husband jokes that pretty soon I'm going to have as many on the inside of my house as I do on the outside.  ☺ 

I absolutely love how these turned out. If you don't have a window, you can use any frame, which I also did. I took a window, and turned it into a darling piece of holiday decor, then used the same method on a frame to make a thankful dry erase board.  The process is easy to do, and can be completed in a day--that's my kind of project!

  • window or frame
  • painters tape
  • newspaper or other paper
  • spray paint
  • vinyl lettering
1.  If you need to paint your the outside part of your window or frame, do this first.  Remove the glass from your frame, then paint.  If you're using a window, use painters tape and newspaper (I used paper towels) to cover the glass.  I love layering paint--with one color underneath, another on top, and then when you sand/distress, the bottom color shows through and makes it look weathered.  In this case, the window I had was already cream, which is exactly what I would have painted the bottom layer, so I totally lucked out having to skip that step.  I painted the top layer red (Rustoleum's Colonial Red, satin finish = ♥), so the cream would show through once I sanded.

(this is how my frame was originally, so I could skip this first step)

2.  Once your paint is totally dry, you're ready to sand your little guts out.  I {heart} my power sander; it's in definite top three of tools I could not live without.  I really wanted it distressed, and for that cream paint to show through, so I took off quite a bit of paint.  If  you are doing more than one window or frame, make sure to change out your sandpaper between them.  If not, you'll add unwanted color from your first to your second window or frame.  Use a damp rag and wipe off all of the paint dust.

3. Next step is to cut out and add your vinyl.  You will be cutting it (or ordering it) it in REVERSE, since you will be adding it to the back of your window or frame.  Make sure you don't skip that step, or it will not work.  I used my new Cameo, which I love, to cut out my vinyl.  ♥  The font for give thanks is "My Own Topher", and the pumpkins are from the Silhouette online store.  The font for the Christmas window is "Typewriter", and the tree is also from the Silhouette online store. When your vinyl is ready, add it to THE BACK of the window or glass.

 4.  Now you're ready to paint the window!  I used a cream paint (my favorite cream= Rustoleum's Heirloom White, satin finish) for the inside of my window and the frame's glass.  Spray the BACK of the window, over the top of the vinyl.  It may take a couple of coats for it to be fully covered and smooth, so no paint splotches show through on the front side. Let dry completely.  

Ta-da!  Darling holiday decor!  This method certainly is not limited to holiday projects--I'm currently in the process of making one for my girls' bedroom. Think of all the possibilities!  I love it too, because the front is totally smooth, and won't get ruined, smudged, or scratched.  Since the paint and vinyl are on the back side, they are protected.
I have the perfect place for this in my foyer!

I'm really excited for this one, too.  It will go in my kitchen, and be a place where we can call add all the things we are thankful for--perfect for the Thanksgiving season.

*TIP:  When writing on glass, and using it as a dry erase surface, use a fine tip Sharpie instead of a dry erase marker.  Unlike dry erase markers, you can slide your hand across the glass and the Sharpie won't come off, but it's easily removed with a wet rag or paper towel!

P.S.  Don't forget about the October Silhouette Promo...a Cameo + Started Kit of your choice for $299!  Use the code BPP to take advantage of this fantastic offer!


Blogger Brandi said...

These are SO cute!!! I love them! Now, if only I had places to put them! :)

October 25, 2011 at 7:10 PM  
Blogger Natalia said...

Yes, isn't that the problem, integrating all these cute ideas into a house where they just won't fit :(

October 25, 2011 at 7:40 PM  
Blogger Saun said...

I have two windows that I've been saving. I think I'm going togive this a try thanks for sharing.

October 25, 2011 at 8:24 PM  
Blogger Janet said...

This is such a nice gift idea, I just love it! :)

October 25, 2011 at 9:06 PM  
Blogger Mynnette said...

Love this idea! :)

October 25, 2011 at 9:40 PM  
Blogger Karen said...

Love this idea! You come up with the cutest ideas kierste:) I love your new profile picture!!

October 25, 2011 at 10:47 PM  
Blogger Danielle said...

absolutely gorgeous! I love it!

October 26, 2011 at 12:50 AM  
Blogger Doreen said...

You are so very talented. I love the simplicity and beauty of these projects.

October 26, 2011 at 11:27 AM  
Blogger Connie @ Measured by the Heart said...

Ok you have to tell me where you get all your windows

October 26, 2011 at 10:46 PM  
Blogger Heather said...

I love these! Such a cute idea. I featured them at So Very Creative! I would love for you to check it out.

October 28, 2011 at 9:10 AM  
Blogger hannahtuesdaymorning said...

These frames came out really well. I love the weathered look and the lettering you used on the window, so clever! Will the stencils in the window last a while and not fade with weather?

November 4, 2011 at 9:59 AM  
Blogger JJ said...

How did you attach the vinyl lettering to the glass? Do they make self adhesive vinyl?

December 5, 2011 at 9:05 PM  

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