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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

{photography with lei} a valentine story

One trap a lot of photographers fall into is forgetting, or may be even putting off, taking photos of their own families and loved ones.  It's funny that this is usually how we discover we love photography, only to get "too busy" to use our ever improving skills on them!  Of course, you don't always have to get fancy {these below aren't my *best* photos} -  that's a lot of pressure!

I decided yesterday that I wanted pictures of myself making Valentine's cookies with my girls {Kierste's pie crust cookies - yum!}.  We were all dressed down, but I didn't care.  So my husband took a couple of the shots for me, and from there a story through pictures began to unfold... I haven't decided yet whether to have it laminated and bound or printed into a soft cover album.

As you can see, there's not many pictures here.  In order to "tell the story" it needed to be kept brief.  Imagine all the possibilities for a photography storybook for your kids.  This one is perfect for Valentine's Day, but you could make one of your children getting ready for school, or bed... many other great ideas!

I used the free doodles from the I Heart Faces Facebook page, HERE.  Check them out under 'Enjoy a free gift!'.  You can resize them and change the color... which I am going to teach you how to do right now!  Woot!

Open the doodle with your editing program of choice.  I use CS5 so these instructions are using Photoshop... Go to Image in your toolbar, then select Mode>RGB color. Then go through Image>Mode again and select Indexed Color.  I don't know why I had to go back and do it this way, it feels redundant, but I did - so that is how I am telling you to do it!  {Don't consider myself a Photoshop pro by any means...} A window will pop up after your select Indexed Color.  Under Palette - you want to select Uniform.  Make sure the box marked Transparency is checked.  For Matte, select Background color.  For Dither select Diffusion. And for Amount select 75%.  Click OK and you're done!  If you want to understand more about what this all means, I found a great definition page HERE.

Alrighty, after all that you may now change the color of our doodle by picking the color of your liking and finding the paint bucket tool on the left side.  Click on it, and then right onto your doodle - anywhere on one of the lines (not in the gray/white space).  And it should change colors for you.

After you have made it the color you want, drag and drop it onto a COPY of your photo.  Too small?  Click control T.  A box will appear around your doodle.  Right click and then click Scale.  Then you can drag the corners out to the size you need.  Be sure to work your way around the doodle so it doesn't end up looking warped.  Need to rotate it? {I needed to rotate the glasses} Right click again and select Rotate and position it how you want it.  Done!  Click Layer

You may notice, that on the photo that I used the wings, that I've erased some of them in order for them to look like they are behind the subject... you too can do this using the eraser tool.  Super easy.

If this is all too much for you, I'm including the doodles I've changed.  So that's at least one less step for you to worry about. ;)

{between 'Love" and the wings is the white swirly frame, you probably can't see it but it's there!}

Enjoy this fun little project! Your kids will love it!!!
Happy Valentines Day!!!


Blogger The Duckworth Family said...

Love the pictures! Especially that you are in them Lei. I just spend four hours working on valentine stuff with my kids. I took a bazillion pictures, but of course I'm not a part of them. I'll have to think about that next time!

February 9, 2012 at 3:49 AM  
Blogger likeschocolate said...

Super adorable! Happy Valentines Day!

February 11, 2012 at 9:15 PM  

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